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Gostwyck - Luxury Super 170’s Suiting

Gostwyck - Luxury Super 170’s Suiting

GOSTWYCK Super 170's

This season Holland & Sherry proudly present a new and exclusive collection of fabrics produced from Gostwyck superfine Saxon merino wool. Being the only cloth merchant with exclusive rights to this product, this wool will become a core source for other qualities in our collection over the coming years.

The supply chain for the fabrics in this collection have full traceability; meaning there is documented and recorded identification of all processes from sheep to cloth.

Gostwyck merino cloth Nothing is left to chance. Every fleece is tested at shearing so we can guarantee that the garments made from Gostwyck merino are comfortable and long lasting.

The quality of Gostwyck merino fibre is the result of over 180 years expertly selecting merino sheep that produce finer, softer and whiter wool. Today the producers of Gostwyck wool produce merino which is finer than most cashmere, and has been scientifically tested as the most comfortable natural fibre. This makes Gostwyck merino completely itch free.

Major changes to grazing practices have seen steady increase in sustainability, soil health, pasture and water quality. The environment and ecology greatly benefit from these state-of-the- art grazing systems.

HS 1878 | SUITING | 260grm 81⁄2 oz

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